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Nepal Tours and Treks

Mountain Tours & Treks

Nepal Tours and Treks

Few  would  disagree that  the  Himalayan  mountain  regions  of  Nepal  contain  some  of  the  best  places  in  the  world  to  go  for  trekking.  Largely  inaccessible  by  road, combined  with  the  well worn  foot  tracks  developed  between  villages  over  centuries,  makes  trekking  the  best  way  of   seeing  the   Himalaya.  Choose  from  treks  like  Everest  base  camp  trek, Annapurna  or  langtang  to  less  popular  trekking  option  including  mustang or  kanchendzonga  base  camp  trek. From  short, easy treks  to  month  long  expeditions -  Nepal  has  it  all.

Whatever your trekking interest is mountain tours, treks and travels can help you have the best time of your life in Nepal.

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