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Sikkim Low Altitude Trek

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Sikkim Low Altitude Trek

Sikkim Low Altitude Trekking is an alternative means of enjoying the natural beauty of the sikkim himalayan region. It is specially for the people who are little concern about the high altitude sickness. It is also best suited for the people who loves to explore the remote Himalayan villages, its people, culture and tradition along with trekking. Sikkim offers many beautiful, pristine and scenic Low altitude trekking and hiking point. The Low Altitude trekking in sikkim can be done with either staying in traditional Home stay or camping.

Low altitude trekking means no difficult climbing and no real height gains, however it involves gradual up and down walking most of the time in the Himalayas. It is best suited for people who have average fitness and has less high altitude trekking experience. Low altitude trekking is also best for Family group, Students groups and Senior Citizens.

During the low altitude trek well beaten trails will take you to the scenic Landscape beauty of the country side as well as to Remote villages, Monasteries and hills. During the Low Altitude trek one will come across the villages and small towns. One will have enough time to interact with the local peoples and get chance to know and experience there life style, culture and tradition. Low altitude trekking also involves staying with the local peoples in there trditional maintained home.

Low altitude trekking is really a great way to explore, enjoy and witness the real world of the himalayas and its people...

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Sikkim Himalayan Heritage Trek

Himalayan Heritage Trek is popular low altitude village to village trek in Sikkim. This Low Altitude trek is specially customized for those Adventure Lover who loves to be with the Nature and Himalayan but at the same time want to avoid higher altitude gain.  Himalayan Heritage Trek offers and ideal opportunity to explore and experience the real life style of the common local peoples of sikkim himalayan region. Experiencing the day to day activities of the local people will throw a light on the way of life they live and one has an ample time and opportunity to experience all this during the trip. The visit to remote Monasteries, Temples and Unique location of the viallges with local villagers and guide is a life time experience. One has enough time to make friends and learn and experience unique tradition and culture of each villages during the trip. One has a rare opportunity to visit some of the best places which are not included in the regular programmes and itinerary.

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