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Mountain Biking in Sikkim

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Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Mountain Biking in SikkimOur group – mountain – biking – tours are organized each year specially in spring and fall, usually in April – May and mid September – October. Individual mountain biking is offered year – round upon request. Tours can be planned in combination with trekking and tours by jeep.

Sikkim’s recent best adventure product is mountain biking. The rugged and dramatic terrain of Sikkim Himalayas offers sure and exciting biking trails to the adventure lovers. The beauty of the countryside, flora and fauna and lifestyle of the Sikkimise people is best experienced on a bike’s seat as you meander through lush green hills. This is relatively new sport that Sikkim boasts of and many have lured by the exiting thrills of this outdoor fun. There is no specific season for mountain biking in sikkim and Darjeeling. Many have enjoyed riding there bikes during monsoon in slushy dirt road too. Every time there is different fun and feeling.

Well Equiped back up Team

The accompanying vehicle is equipped with a well – stocked tool – box to take care of your repair needs as well as with a first aid case for additional safety. While on our tour we offer drinking water, delicious pack lunches, and snacks. An extra mountain bike is also part of our standard equipment.

Bring your own Bike or Rent it from Us

While in most of our tour – participants bring their own mountain bikes along with them. we also have Indian mountain bikes and few western mountain bikes for rent. You can rent mountain bikes from us in case of your inability to bring your own.

Since Mountain biking is a physical sport it requires abundant good amount of rest. Throughout our tour we will be staying in good hotels and guesthouse wherever available. In some of the remote areas lodging is in very simple hotels and also in traditional houses of different tribes wherever available.

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