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DooarsSpanning 3/4ths of the Dooars region of North Bengal is a wide-spread jungle of mixed growth, with the basic vegetation of deciduous flora. Dooars - the hunting ground of the Raja's probably derived its name from the many "Duars" or doorways, like the Buxaduar, Alipurduar etc. which are dotted all over this region. It is also the highway for the migratory elephants which ensures witnessing of these massive descendents of the pre-historic mammoth, all-round the year, luck favoring. Amid the cover of tall trees and grasses lurks myriad creatures of the jungle. What more could one ask for than the thrill of being eye to eye with a wild Rhino or following th_ pug marks of a roving TIger. A bird blissfully riding a Gaur, a Sambhar proudly facing the golden slln at dawn, is a sight one would like to preserve in his heart for ages. The eeriness is thrilling and the feeling is inexplicable. You are face to face with life here. Abundance of flora in a riot of colours from the tiny pink delicate flowers of the "Touch-me-not" to the bright crimson of the "Palash" charms the mind and a wide variety of fauna like the barking deer, chhital, wild boars, gaurs or the Indian bisons, elephants, rhinos, tigers, leopards etc. provide ample excitement, thrill and adventure. A variety of feathers like woodpeckers, hornbills, drongos, fly catchers, bee eaters, peacocks, etc. would gladly be your companion throughout the trip to make it a memorable one. It is however, the wild animals that roam around with perfect nonchalance, the constant cry of the cicada and the unknown mysteries looming large in the bowels of the maze of the jungles of doars like the ]aldapara, Gorumara, Chapramari, Buxa etc. that makes these places a tourist haunt every season.

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