Himalayan Homestay

Himalayan Homestay

Homestay is a home away from home. It is an unforgettable experience and a great way to explore local culture, tradition and the life style of the peoples. It provides one with the opportunity to interact as well as experience the daily life style of the village people. It is a best way to experience  the local cultures and tradition of the people.

Himalayan Homestay has an added advantages as it gives one with the real oppurtunity to have a closer look up to the himalayan village world, which are not described in books. It provides a great platform for the exchange and learning of culture and tradition.

Homestay Activities in Sikkim

1) Village walking 5) Cardamom weeding and harvesting 9) Visiting to traditional village healers
2) Cultural songs and dance 6) Participation in cultural festivals 10) Exploring local flora
3) Milking cows and making butter 7) Listening to folk tales and stories 11) Preparing local food and beverages
4) Fodder collection and feeding of cattle 8) Day hike to pilgrimage sites  

Himalayan HomestayCode of Conduct for Homestay

1) Remember that you are staying with a family, so please behave as a courteous guest.
2) Vegetation is fragile, follow designated trail
3) Avoid littering and deposit garbage at designated places
4) Keep all pollutants away from streams and lakes.
5) Dress modestly. Be aware of the customs, manners and culture of the local people
6) Respects local culture by asking before taking photographs
7) It is customary to leave a donation at monasteries and to circle shrines in a clockwise direction.

1. Don’t disturb wildlife or its habitat
2. Don’t buy endangered species or antiques
3) Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or talk loudly near sacred places
4) Don’t pick plants or flowers
5) Don’t give sweets, pens or money to children, it only encourage them begging

Sikkim Himalayan Homestay

Sikkim Homestay Tour

Sikkim Homestay TourHimalayan Homestay is an unforgettable experience and a great way to explore local culture, tradition and the life style ...

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