Ravangla Khechupelri Trek

Sikkim Ravangla Khechupelri Trek

Ravangla Khechupelri Trek is another popular sikkim Low Altitude trek which involves trekking and hiking through Villages and visit to some of the reknowned Monasteries of sikkim. This Trek can also be called as Monastery loop Trek as it invloves visit to ten important monasteries of sikkim.

This trek is ideally suited for those who loves to explore and visit Monasteries and experience Buddhist Culture. This trek can be done in many ways, be it with Home stay, Camping or Hotel style

The Monasteries of sikkim visited during the trek are - Rumtek Monastery, Rabangla Monastery, Tashiding Monastery, Hongri Monastery, Sinon Monastery, Yuksam Dubdi Monastery, Khechupelri Monastery, Khechupelri Lake, Pemayangtshe Monastery and Sangacholin Monastery.

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1) Rumtek Monastery - largest and one of the most important Monastery of sikkim also know as Dharma Chakra Center. It was Built by 16th Gyalwa Karmapa when he took refuge in Sikkim after the Chinese attack. It houses some of the worlds most unique art objects, ancient manuscripts and icons.

2) Tashiding Monastery - This is another important monastery belonging to the Nyingmapa order. It lies nestled on the top of a hill that looms up between the Rathong river and the Rangit river and is surrounded by a profusion of Prayer flags that flutter in the air.

3) Sinon Monastery - Sinom means 'the suppressor of intense fear'. The monastery was built in 1716 and is located about 10 kms. from Tashiding on a hill top.

4) Hongri Monastery - A monastery located at the top of the hill between Yuksam and Tashiding. This monastery is regarded as one of the oldest and powerful. 

5) Dubdi Monastery - Dubdi means 'the retreat' and this monastery was built in 1700. It is located near Yuksum on a hill top. 

6) Khechupelri Monastery - Located just above the famous Khechupelri lake

7) Pemayangtshe Monastery -  Is situated in West Sikkim at Gyalshing (140 kms. from Gangtok) and commands an impressive view of Mount khanchendzonga. This monastery belongs to the Nyingma order and all other Nyingma monasteries in Sikkim are subordinate to it.

8) Sangacholin Monastery - Sangacholin means ' the island of esoteric teaching'. This monastery was built in 1697 and is situated about 7 kms from Pemayangste.

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