Sikkim and Bhutan Cultural Tour

Sikkim and Bhutan Cultural Tour

Sikkim and Bhutan Cultural TourIt has been but three decades that Sikkim joined the Indian Union but for over three centuries before that, Sikkim was a Buddhist kingdom. The ritual chanting's by monks at prayer and devotion still resonate boldly from the cloistered halls of monasteries where on special occasions each year, their courtyards come to life with spectacular ceremonial dances - brightly costumed monks in bizarre masks cavort to the tune of ancient horns and drums. Just as Khangchendzonga the mighty protector deity reigns supreme above, Buddhism prevails on solid ground .

Sikkim has a multi-ethnic society comprising of three major groups, Bhutia, Lepcha, and Nepali. Recent migrations into the state include a sizeable number of Tibetans who fled their land in the mid-fifties, and business entrepreneurs from India predominantly of the Marwari and Bihari communities.

The majority of the Sikkimese Nepalese are descendents from the Rai and Limbu tribes of Eastern Nepal with similar cultural traits as that of the Lepcha, while Brahmins, Chettris and Newars who arrived from Central Nepal are true spirited Hindus.

The Lepcha of Sikkim and Darjeeling have mostly adapted to either Buddhism or Christianity. Very few adhere to the indigenous culture that has its roots in animism. Their animistic rituals consist of appeasing benign spirits and keeping malignant spirits at bay, which is done by a ‘bongthing’ who is priest, exorcist and physician all in one. Similarly, the Limbu has the ‘yeba’ (priest) and the ‘yema’ (priestess) who exorcise evil spirits, perform sacrifices, and supervise rituals.

The Bhutia with their ancestral ties to Tibet have remained true to their tradition and belief from the time they settled in Sikkim three centuries ago. Culturally, socially and linguistically, there is much in common between the Sikkimese Bhutia and the Tibetan.

Optimized Culture Tours :

Our special arrangements for culture tours can be made available for you in several ways tailored to suit your requirements. Should you choose to spend more time actually living in Sikkimese homes rather than in hotel rooms, we can arrange it! Ranging from a simple meeting with a village farmer to observing real-life ceremonies, we can make it all happen for you

Exclusive tour package in the form of Bhutan tours, Sikkim tours for spiritualizes tourists with interest in sacred monasteries, culture, places and peoples.

Best time to visit : round the year
Destination covered : important Buddhists circuits of Bhutan, sikkim and Darjeeling.

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