Sikkim High Altitude Trek

Sikkim High Altitude Trek

Sikkim High Altitude TrekSikkim is a Trekkers and Adventure lovers paradise. It has been blessed with Mighty snow capped mountain peaks, unspoilt nature, geographical condition and varieties of Flora and Fauna that offers a lot for the lovers of Adventure Tourism. Apart from Trekking, Tours and Mountaineering, sikkim offers various other activities like Mountain biking, River Rafting, Paragliding, Birds and Butterfly watching and many more.

Trekking in Sikkim is a wonderful experience an antidote to city stress of daily life and its memories will be cherished life long. While trekking one relishes the Pure air and the silence of the wilderness and feels the awakening of senses dulled by Urban Living.

As you trek in sikkim himlayas, identifying peaks, mountains, rivers and places around you becomes a good pastime. And whether you can climb the next hilltop becomes more important than anything else in life. From a distance these mountains may seen formidable and unapproachable but as you near them they seem to welcome you into the forest vibrant with life.

Goechala Trek, Dzongri Trek, Kasturi Trek, Yambong Singalila Trek, Uttarey Singalila Trek  and Kanchendzonga Trek in west sikkim is a proper well beaten and famous trekking trails. At Yuksam the motorable road stops and the treks starts. The treks ranges from an altitude of 1,700 meters to 4,950 meters. The trekking trails goes through forest of Rhododendrons, Magnolia and silvers with views of mighty Mt.Khanchendzonga and surrounding peak,like Mt.pandim, Jupono, Frey peaks, Kabru North / South, Kothang, Thinkchankhang, Thalung and a lots more. The Singilila trek route starting from both Uttarey Viallage and Nambu Village which has been recently open lies on the ridge defining the political boundary between Sikkim and Nepal. One can see the different peaks of Mt. Khanchendzonga range, Chola range and also villages of Nepal on the other side on the clear sunny day. In this particular trekking trail there are many high altitude lakes on the way and  it is also known as the lake trek. The Kasturi Trek which is also know as Round Trek is another beautiful trekking trails which lies exactly on the opposite side of singalaila range. 

North part of Sikkim is relatively less explored by trekkers and has its own adventure to offer. It is harder and the altitude goes up to 5,250meters high. The scenic view is a lot similar to the Tibetan plateau with Mt. Khanchendzonga, Tent peak, Chorten Nyima Range and one of the world's most beautiful peaks Mt. Sinolchu. The vegetation here is mostly alpine. Green Lake trek is one of the most famous trekking route in north sikkim, however the permission formalities for this trek is different than all others as one need to apply for this particular trek at least 2 months in advance. This trek is an Expedition style Trek.

Trekking in sikkim range from 5 to 20 days or more. There are also shorter treks and day hikes option like Tendong trek, Hilley Varsey Trek and Yuksam One day private treks offering views of Mountains and variety of flora and fauna.

Sikkim High Altitude Treks

Goechala Kasturi Trek

Goechala Kasturi TrekGoechala - Kasturi Trek is a slighty different version of the Regular Goechala Trek. Goechala Kasturi Trek is also ...

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Yuksam Goechala Trek

Yuksam Goechala TrekGoechala Trek is the premier and the most well known trekking trail in Sikkim, India. This trek takes the trekkers upclose ...

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Yuksom Dzongri Trek

Yuksom Dzongri TrekYuksom Dzongri Trek is one the the most popular short trekking destination in sikkim. Dzongri trek is a shorter version ...

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Yambong Singalila Trek

Yambong Singalila TrekThe Yambong singalila trek is one of the rare spot on earth where the view embraces five summits rising above 7000m, ...

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Sikkim Green Lake Trek

Sikkim Green Lake TrekThis is a very picturesque trekking trail which combines natural beauty with spectacular views of high mountain peaks. ...

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Uttarey SingalilaTrek

Uttarey SingalilaTrekUttarey Singalila trek route encompasses the area southwest of Dzongri and as defined by its name, includes several ...

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Sikkim Darjeeling Kanchendzonga Trek

Sikkim Darjeeling Kanchendzonga TrekSikkim Darjeeling Kanchendzonga Trekking is a popular Long high altitude trek which offers Adventure Lovers to Experience ...

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