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River Rafting in Sikkim

River Rafting in the roaring and cascading white water of Sikkim is an enthralling experience for travelers. Over the years this daring water sports have become one of the fast-growing adventure activities in Sikkim. Whilst in Sikkim Rafting through a strong wild tide of Teesta and Rangit is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The source of River Teesta is a famous TSO LHAMU LAKE perched at the base of the mighty Himalayas of Sikkim. The icy cold water of river Teesta originating from the base of the Himalayas with rapid tides of varying intensity brings exciting challenges to riders.

A tiny float called a "raft", a helmet, a life jacket, and a pair of oars - and you are ready to hit the challenging waters of the turbulent Teesta and Rangit. Did we forget to add your skill or experience? That's the point - you may be a novice at rafting, but our experienced and well-trained river guides take on themselves to execute and ensure a safe trip along the river.

Rafting is not just smiting the furrows with an oar. It includes exhilaration, the promise of a total union with Nature, where you can kiss the pellucid cold water with its virginal hue. 

Girdling the mountains in a passionate hug flows the beautiful Teesta to meet at the confluence with her beloved, Rangit. Here starts their romance which captivates even the hearts of flint. You can see the different shades of the two rivers merging into one another. 

River rafting in Sikkim can be undertaken by anyone who is physically and mentally fit and aged between 8 to 60 years. The rafting routes are planned and categorized for swimmer and non-swimmer according to the rapids involved. It is very important to follow the Instruction of the Raft operator for safety and to enjoy the ride.

The level of rapids in Teesta river is 3 and 4 and the level of rapids in Rangit river is 2 and 4. 

For the sportive and brave with adventure in mind, rafting is a "must" in Sikkim. The best time to experience the thrill of rafting in Sikkim is April - May, and October to December.


I Easy Small Waves 
II Moderate difficulty to clear passage 
III Difficult high irregular waves require precise maneuvering 
IV Very difficult with powerful waves 
V Extremely difficult, experts only 
VI Unrunnable


All foreign clients are to carry their passport which will be required at the 'Teesta Bridge' while crossing and also enter details of the same on Bond Form.


Persons suffering from weak heart conditions, epilepsy, expecting mothers, and those with serious ailments are not permitted to go rafting.

Consumption of any intoxicant is not permitted. Age limit 14 years on all sections except the float trips, where it is relaxed to 10 years. Non-swimmers are welcome but may be restricted to certain sections of the river, on the advice of the River Guide/Trip Leader.

River rafting has its own itinerary which mostly depends upon the time frame and number of days one wants to spend in the river. Please feel free to enquire us about a wonderful trip. It can also be organized with Trekking and Tours. 

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