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Best Season and time to do Yuksam Goechala Trek

There are two distinct seasons for doing Goechala Trek. Mid-March, April to May (Spring) and Mid-September, October to November (Autumn).

One can do these Treks in other months of the year as well however the possibilities of extreme cold, rainfalls, snowfalls, and clouds remain higher in those months.

Each season has its own charm and feelings while trekking in the Goechala Kanchenjunga region as it houses many vibrant varieties of flora amidst its forest. Spring is known for its romantic look while Autumn is loved for its sharp and clear views.

The beauty of this trek lies in witnessing the blooming Rhododendron, especially in the month of April till the first week of May. The forest on Goechala Trek comes alive with the colors of pink and scarlet rhododendron flowers and few other rare varieties.

The main Rhododendron belts start from around Bakhim till Tshoka and further to Phedang. The gorgeous section between Kockchurung to Phedang is also a treat to witness Rhododendron flowers.

In Autumn Rhododendron are not in bloom though the forest on Goechala Trek is pleasant with deep reds and browns color. Crystal-clear blue sky adds extra vibes to the pleasant vegetation.

The Autumn season is good for having sharp and clear views of the heavenly meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks. You can have great jaw-dropping views from almost all locations of the trek like Tshoka, Phedang, Dzongri, Thangshing, Lamune, and Viewpoints 1, 2, and 3.

You can also witness the majestic clear star-lit sky during this season. It's best for those especially interested in night sky viewing and photography

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