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Mission and Vision of Mountain Tours and Travels

Mountain Tours & Treks

Our mission is simple and clear. We want to provide the best to our clients in every service they require. We strive to provide a high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly, and personalized adventure experience to our clients in every way possible.

We continuously work on the improvements of our service as we always believe that there is always room for improvement and making things better for our client’s satisfaction. We do not just want to be a service provider or facilitator but real friends for our clients throughout their trip. 

Mountain Tours and Travels continuously aim for clients’ satisfaction by providing them with Tailor-made services and trips customized with close attention and care. We wanted to show the beauty of the Himalayas to our clients by providing them with windows of opportunity. We love giving time to our clients and giving them in-depth information on their trips.

Mountain Tours and Travels also aims for the upliftment of the local community side by side. We continuously work towards the involvement of as many local staffs as possible and thereby providing them employment and means of livelihood. Buying vegetables from local farmers, using hotels run by locals, using transports runs by locals are some of the small steps we undertook for encouraging the local community and Farmers. We continuously support the local community and NGOs in rendering special skilled knowledge to adventure enthusiasts and local unemployed youths through training and skill development programs. We always encourage our clients to buy gifts and souvenirs from the local shop and thereby encourage the development of the local handicrafts and handlooms.

To deliver 'WOW' experiences to our clients every time, in every customer touchpoint, by always putting ourselves in our customers' shoes is our primary mission.

We seek to become the best and most reliable leading Adventure Tour Operators in the Sikkim and Eastern Himalayan region of India in near future.

To be the most trusted and innovative travel management company.

Get recognized for the quality of service and the contribution that we make to the development of our state and country

* Honesty
* Team Work
* Services Quality
* Loyalty
* Constructive Spirit
* Respect for Community and Environment

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