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Weather and Climate of Sikkim

Sikkims geographical location with its altitudinal variation allows it to have tropical, temperate and alpine climatic conditions within its small area of 7,096 kms.Temperature conditions vary from sub-tropical in the southern lower parts to cold deserts in the snowy north. It is also the most humid region in the whole range of the Himalayas, because of its proximity to the Bay of Bengal and direct exposure to Southern monsoon. 

Cold Winters in the month of November to February with minimum temperatures dipping to 4 centigrade during January - February. It is between the month of March and early May when sunshine is quite abundant. Though summer is officially from May to October, Sikkim is almost always wet due to the heavy monsoons, with rains at times continuing for days on ends.

A peculiar feature of Sikkim weather is that though there is a classification of sorts of the various seasons, actually experiences a cold winter from end of November to February and monsoons throughout the year with a little respite during May - June and October - November. Even the winter months can be irritatingly wet and damp with the unpredictable showers.

Biting cold is experienced at higher altitudes of 10,000 ft plus. The temperature rarely rises above 18 degree centigrade and heavy snowfall occurs during the winter months. Some places also receive snowfall during April or mid-November.

The best time to visit Sikkim largely depends on the kind of activities travelers are looking for. Sikkim offers wide range of activities from simple tour by vehicle, Hiking, Home Stay to Adventure trekking, Camping, Mountaineering, White Water Rafting and Paragliding. Sikkim has unparalleled natural beauty and dramatic landscape to fulfill the needs of adventure and nature lovers. Keeping in mind the clear sky and favourable weather condition March to mid June and September to mid December are the best time for both Trekking and Tours in Sikkim

Winter is a charming and perfect season for vacation in Sikkim as most of the places of tourist interest remains covered with snow. High Altitude region above 2500m normally remains doubtful of closure due to excessive snow fall. 
* Average Daytime Temperature: -5 ºC to 7 ºC

Summer is a best time to visit and explore many parts of Sikkim. Weather aren't as harsh as other plain region of India and remain warm and moderate.
* Average Daytime Temperature: 5 ºC to 25 ºC

MONSOON: April to December
Monsoon takes the form of incessant rain and is not an ideal time to visit Sikkim. 600-700 mm of rainfall takes place during those monsoon months and temperature lies between 17 to 22 degree centigrade
* Average Daytime Temperature: 4 ºC to 17 ºC

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