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Trekking in Sikkim is a must if you have an adventure in mind and are looking for a real deal. It is the most “TO DO THINGS” for Adventure and Nature lovers around the world. Sikkim is without an inch doubt an ideal and most preferred destination for trekking and adventure enthusiasts.

Sikkim is often regarded as the land of SHANGRILA, an enduringly happy blessed land. A land blessed by Guru Padmasambhava, the great Buddhist saint and tantric master who visited Sikkim in the 8th Century. Mt. Kanchendzonga “the five treasures of snow”, is a center of attraction among trekkers, adventurers, and nature lovers. Mt. Kanchendzonga holds a special place and is sacred for the people of Sikkim and is regarded as a Guardian Deity of Sikkim.

The majestic mighty Himalayan range headed by Mt. Kanchendzonga 8586m, towering snow-capped mountain peaks, pristine glacier and glacial lakes, scenic meadows, alluring distant valleys, Sacred holy Lakes, mythical adventure routes, secret pilgrimage trails, and enchanting waterfalls are some of what Sikkim has to offers to Trekking and Adventure lover.

Sikkim falls under the GREATER HIMALAYAN RANGE and is very rich in Biodiversity. Climatic condition ranges from tropical at the base of the mountains to perennial snow and ice at the higher elevation. Apart from being munificently blessed with natural scenic beauty, Sikkim has a plethora of trekking and adventure options available for all age groups and experience, be it amateur, beginner, or professional. You can always find something suitable here according to your need and interest.

Trekking in Sikkim has its indomitable charms and will guarantee to offer you the opportunity to create special lifetime memories. It will provide you with a close-up of all you are looking for in your quest for real adventure and nature. No doubt It will challenge you in various ways along the way but it will surely bring the best out of you. This beautiful heavenly place has a magical charm to quietly make you fall in love with it and will make you want to stay in this region forever.

The freshness of mountain breeze, the fragrance of junipers, silence in the wilderness, magical starry night, views of shooting stars at early hours of the morning, hair rising views of Snow-capped mountain peaks, magical full moon, shivering misty coldness, and breath-taking viewpoints which you will experiences while trekking in the higher region of Sikkim is priceless, irreplaceable and worth cherishing for a lifetime.

As you trek, identifying peaks, mountains, rivers, and valleys, places around you become a good pastime. And whether you can climb the next hilltop becomes more important than anything else in life. From a distance, these hills and mountains may seem formidable and unapproachable but as you, near them, they seem to welcome you into the forest vibrant with life.

Trekking around the remote and wilderness region of Sikkim is a wonderful experience and an antidote to the busy and stressed routine life of the cities. You are sure to get refreshed and rejuvenated by the heavenly aura of the Himalayas and it surrounding and the feel of an awakening of senses dulled by Urban living is guaranteed

Trekking in Sikkim also fulfills the need for nature, landscape, and outdoor Photographers. The presence of the mighty snow-capped mountain peaks which seem to reach heaven, alluring valleys, mesmerizing fragile vegetation, exotic rare animals and plants, gusting rivers, enchanting waterfalls, magical forest trails, all in one place is a HEAVEN for Photographers.

All trekking routes in Sikkim fall under the National Park and Protected area zone and thereby very well Protected, preserved, and maintained. Unlike Nepal and many other trekking regions in India, Sikkim has only a camping option available and basic trekkers hut run by the Tourism department and Kanchendzonga National Park. There are no commercial Lodges and Tea Houses allowed to run in all the trekking routes of Sikkim which makes Trekking in the Sikkim Himalayas unique from the rest of India and gives a genuine adventure and wilderness vibe to the trekkers.

Sikkim is blessed with some of the best trekking routes in the world. Trekking in Sikkim is categorized into two different levels by following the elevation and altitude gain. High Altitude Treks and Low Altitude Treks. Goechala Trek, Kanchendzonga Trek, Dzongri Trek, Uttarey Singalila Trek, Kasturi Trek, Yambong Singalila Trek, and Green Lake Trek are some of the finest high altitude adventure Treks available in Sikkim. Except for Green Lake Trek, all other high-altitude trekking routes fall inside the world-renowned Kanchendzonga national park, world biosphere reserve, and world mixed heritage sites which makes trekking extra special and offers trekkers a thrilling and diverse experience. High Altitude Treks in Sikkim go up from the altitude of 2500m to 5000m and above. Trekkers are abundantly blessed with diverse landscapes each day in High altitude trekking because of the quick altitudinal variation.

There are numerous Low Altitude Trekking and hiking routes available in Sikkim. Low Altitude Treks are specially done in and around different villages of Sikkim and range from 1200m to 3000m in height. Low Altitude Trekking is easy as it does not necessarily involve extreme height gain and a long walk.

Trekking in the Himalayan region of Sikkim is a very different and unique experience that you will not gain from trekking in another region of India. Words are not enough to justify it amply but you can always experience and feel it yourself by signing up for the Treks with us.

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