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Home Stay Tour in Darjeeling

Homestay is a home away from Home. Homestay in Darjeeling is the best way to spend your holidays with the locals' whiles enjoying the beauty of the region. It provides the most authentic way of getting close to the locals and their culture.

Staying with the Locals in the villages of Darjeeling and personally experiencing their daily lifestyle is the best way to gain knowledge about their culture and tradition.

Homestay not only provides an opportunity to enjoy and experience local cuisines, arts, crafts, culture, and village activities but also provides the best platform to learn it from the locals. It is a perfect choice to spend quality and meaningful time during the vacation.

You can learn and enjoy making local cuisines, milking cows early in the morning, go for fodders collection and feeding cattle, take a village walk, listen to the rich folk tales and stories, attend village marriages, take a day hikes to pilgrimage sites and many more. All of these activities will teach you a rich lesson which you will never get to learn in cities and towns.

The learning experience, hospitality, friendship, and connection you make with the locals while staying on Homestay will last forever.  

Homestay can be experienced all around the years however the best time is the same as trekking and tour season in Darjeeling and Sikkim which is March to mid-June and September to November.

You can also opt for longer treks and other adventure activities along with the Homestay. Do let us know if you prefer. we will happily customize it for you.

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