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Our grand father Lt. DA NAMGYAL SHERPA was a famous mountaineer and a member of the first successful Everest expedition team '1953. He was an expedition companion of the then Expedition leader Sir JOHN HUNT during the successful Everest expedition in 1953 along with Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. The duos almost climbed Everest and were instrumental in opening the route towards the summit of Everest. It was due to frost bite that compelled them to return back from close to summit, infact from few hundred meters.
He is among the first Instructor of the pioneer mountaineering institute of the world – Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling, which till dates render special Basic and Advance courses to the mountaineering enthusiast along with numerous other adventure related activities.

Lt. DA NAMGYAL SHERPA was regarded and given the title of a “ TIGER’S OF SNOW” along with few of his sherpa’s companion of the 1953 successful Everest expedition team. After the successful Everest Expedition he continued leading expedition team to many of the highest mountain of the world including sikkim and dedicated himself working for the HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINEERING INSTITUTE in Darjeeling as a senior Instructor for rendering special requires knowledge and skill to the mountaineering enthusiast.

Mountain Tours, Treks and Travels is a company dedicated to him by his two son Passang Namgyal Sherpa and Ang Sherap Sherpa along with his grand son Mingma sherpa as a tribute to his Vision, Hard work, Passion and True love for the Himalayas and Mountain.

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