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Gear check list for Sikkim Himalayan Heritage Trek

No matter what season you are planning for the mountains are always going to be cold, rough, and tough so it is absolutely necessary to pack yourself with adequate and proper clothing. Here is the standard kit checklist for the Trek.

Proper packing of the trekking gears is absolutely necessary with eyes on the weight limit. It is important to have a good brand of clothing.

Basic Gears:
Back Pack & rain cover or Duffel bag (50 to 70 ltr)
Day Pack & rain cover (20 to 30 ltr)
Walking stick (1 pair or at least one)
Water Bottle (2 bottles of 2 ltr each)
Thermos flask (1 nos)
Head Light (1 Nos with 4 pairs of batteries)

Upper and Lower Clothings:
T - Shirt (2 to 3 full sleeves). Mostly non cotton
Fleece T - shirt (1 nos)
Thermal Inner wears or base layers (1 nos or 1 pair) such as long jones
Fleece Jacket (1 nos)
Wind and Water proof jackets & pants (1 pair)
Trekking Pants (1 pair). Comfortable and durable
Short Trekking Pants (1 nos or 1 pair)
Poncho (1 nos)

Woolen cap (1 nos)
Sun cap (1 nos)
Balaclava or scarf (1 nos)
Sun glasses (1 nos) U/V protected and dark

Water proof gloves (1 nos)
Woolen gloves (1 nos)

Water proof Trekking boots (1 nos) preferably ankle high Goretex, North face, Colombia or Quechua
Snickers or running shoes (1 nos) preferably from any reputed brand
Sandals or flippers (1 nos)
Cotton socks (4 pairs)
Woolen socks (2 pairs)

Personal utilities:
Sunscreen cream
Hand sanitizers
Toilet papers and wipes
Anti-bacterial powders
Lip balm
Tooth brush and tooth paste

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