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How difficult is Uttarey Singalila Trek

Uttarey Singalila Trek is categorized as a moderate to difficult level trek and involves long trekking days with quick altitude gain on some days. It is rated as a moderate to difficult level trek because it requires lots of endurance and exposes you to high altitude sickness.

The terrain on the Uttarey Singlila is not very friendly as it has uneven trails and has loose rocks and soil which makes walking difficult and tiring.

This trek climbs from 2011m (6600 ft) to 4940 m (16207 ft) in 12 to 15 days. The height gain and climb on this trek is one of the major challenges which exposes you to the risk of high altitude sickness if you are not careful and prepared.

The main difficulties you will encounter during the Uttarey Singalila Trek depending upon your itineraries are

* Uttarey to Chewabhanjyang (2011m to 3200 m) trek in one day – where you will be trekking for around 5 hours to 6 hours maximum, and gaining around 1000m.

* Dafey Bhir –  A spectacular viewpoint from where you can see Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu of Nepal, and Mt. Kanchendzonga, Mt Pandim, and other peaks of Sikkim on a clear sunny day. It is situated at a height of 4500m.

* 10 to 14 hours trek on the day to Goechala View Point from Lamune. This day you will make your way from Lamune at around 2 to 3 am in the morning to Goechala viewpoints 1,2 & 3. This day has a lot of rocky, boulders, and slippery sections on the way. Starting early in the morning at dark with torch lights makes it even more difficult so you need to be very cautious and attentive.

* Cold Campsite at Lamune. Lamune campsite is cold and is directly exposed to the snow-capped mountains and is under constant heavy wind. Nights can be extremely cold. You need to have very good long inner wears, thermal and jackets. It is highly recommended to layer up as soon as you reach the camp. A good sleep at Lamune camp is extremely important so that the next day you can trek for 10 to 14 hrs to Goechala viewpoint and back to Thangshing or Kockchurung without many difficulties.

* Descent back from Phedang to Yuksam. The rapid descent from Phedang to Tshoka and then from Tshoka to Dzongi is exhausting and tiring. There are chances that you may experience sore muscles. 

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