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How you can HELP locals by booking with Bajre Dara Trek

We are a locally owned TREKKING COMPANY based in Sikkim, Yuksam. Yuksam is a base camp for almost all high-altitude treks in Sikkim. We organize exclusive treks without a middle man. All our staff is local and mostly based in Yuksam, Melli Aching, Khechupelri, and surrounding areas.

You can help us and our community indirectly by choosing us as your trek organizer in Sikkim. This way you can support concerned locals of the region and our community in some ways or the other.

All online portals and non-local companies organize treks on a commission basis with the local Sikkim travel companies. The commission and cutting affect the quality of service, care, and arrangements on the ground.

We recommend you to travel with us for hassle-free, exclusive, intimate, immersive, honest, and quality service.

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